MET minutes

This 2022 meta-analysis investigated the relationship between cognition and exercise expressed in MET minutes (metabolic equivalent for task, a unit that estimates amount of energy used during physical activity compared to resting metabolism):

“44 studies (4793 participants aged 50 years or over) were included. There was a non-linear, dose-response association between overall exercise and cognition.

We found no minimal threshold for beneficial effect of exercise on cognition. The estimated minimal exercise dose associated with clinically relevant changes in cognition was 724 METs-min per week, and doses beyond 1200 METs-min per week provided less clear benefits.

Obesity status was the main moderator of effects of exercise on cognition. Our results suggest that overweight/obese older adults may benefit from lower exercise levels than recommended for the general population.

Exercise is one of the few interventions shown to prevent and treat dementia or cognitive decline in older adults.” “Optimal dose and type of exercise to improve cognitive function in older adults: A systematic review and bayesian model-based network meta-analysis of RCTs”

Similar to Biological age and zinc, this study found that our metabolic zones determine how our choices can achieve desired effects.

There’s no substitute for exercise. Take responsibility for your one precious life: nobody else exercises for you.


Came home this afternoon after my daily walk on the beach, thinking about how – in a way – this honored ancestors. We are the products of who they were and what they did to survive.



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