Not much is really sacred

“You suddenly find you got nothing to fear

Money doesn’t talk, it swears
Obscenity, who really cares
Propaganda, all is phony

Okay, I’ve had enough
What else can you show me?”

It’s alright, Ma

From 1964.

Any changes in “You got nothing to fear?” Supporting evidence is…?

Hooray for the People of Texas!

One anecdote from “vacationing” in the Dallas area last week:

I waited until temperatures were above 15° F to forage for food. The closest grocery store had the same situation as my hotel: no electricity all morning. It somehow had electricity for cash registers, but not for overhead lighting. People walked around using their phone’s flashlight feature for illumination.

A lady offered me her cart as I entered and she left. Many bare shelves. I got items to satisfy my gut microbiota (canned artichokes, canned hearts of palm, store-recipe grain bars, standard rolled oats). And Pinot Noir.

I stood in line with ~200 other shoppers in Grand Prairie, Texas for forty-five minutes. While the store manager verified that I was at least 21 years old, store-wide electricity came back on! I hadn’t heard squeals and sighs of delight like that for a while. 🙂

Reflected on respect for people and property as I drove back to my hotel, I didn’t see any:

  • Police;
  • Grocery store security; or
  • Stealing.

I had a civilization experience instead. Not like Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, DC, Kenosha…

For those who care about such things, I’ll guess that grocery store’s customers’ racial mix was 25% Hispanic, 30% Black, 35% White, 10% Asian.

An aftershock anecdote from this morning: I saw three people drop out of an airport terminal’s Starbucks line when the barista announced it was cash-only.

My coffee cost $3, rounded up at the tip jar. Please be prepared.

Happy 265th Birthday

So many good performances of a piece written at age 16!

This one best showed what I was looking for: starting at the 8:30 mark, Mozart torquing out the 2nd violin player with Presto. And her loving it, two-and-a-half centuries later. 🙂

Here’s the viola player looking to the 2nd violin player, who’s looking to the 1st violin player:

looking at you

No idea of the 2nd violin player Kyujung Choi‘s age, but I’m certain that older people couldn’t play as well at the tempo 16-year-old Mozart intended. Must be nice to know and feel professionally that you aren’t the limiting factor in performing Mozart.

Reducing insoluble fiber

Been thinking about measurements made in Switch on your Nrf2 signaling pathway where a maximum beneficial dietary intake was 800 grams non-starchy plant foods, whereas my intake was 1,279.5 grams. That led to analysis of top non-starchy fiber constituents:

Informed by It’s the fiber, not the fat findings that dietary soluble fiber had large effects, it seems that I could remove ≈ 450 grams (1 lb.) of celery and summer squash that makes only a 1.6 gram contribution toward soluble fiber.

I’m not concerned about other contributions of celery and summer squash, because I get their nutrients elsewhere anyway. I may add celery seed to my twice-daily AGE-less Chicken Vegetable Soup meal for taste.

I plan to replace this 1.6 g soluble fiber / 450 g total fiber with prebiotic chicory root inulin of ~ 3 g soluble fiber / 10 g total fiber. Will update in two weeks. See Increasing soluble fiber intake with inulin.

Continue sleepwalking, young people

A few months ago I had a series of interactions with a late-twenties person who’d escaped from Manhattan. They were well-off enough to work remotely from anywhere, but they chose to move into their mother’s house.

I tried to see them as an individual. I presented Wake up, young people!! arguments:

“Your future lives are being destroyed by this worldwide political power grab.

Unless you were / are already seriously ill with some other disease, you have had / will have very little chance of becoming a COVID-19 fatality.

Young people have been forced into receiving no benefits to their present lives in order to receive less than nothing in their future lives!

  • People who are herding you couldn’t care less about you.
  • Their control over you has no current or future benefit to you. They’ve demonstrated that your present and future lives mean nothing to them.
  • Sitting around, doing nothing, is interpreted as you consenting to their actions.”

None of these had any obvious penetration to the shields they had. They tried to stereotype me for my efforts.

I presented “taking responsibility for your own one precious life” evidence. They knew I’d been in Milan, Italy, February 22-23, 2020, the weekend during which ten towns were closed south of the city.

They tried to ridicule me for saying that anything I’d done to prepare for an aging life stage – since they’d been in elementary school – had any effect on me not becoming infected. Their behavioral contagion was that strong, as if their survival depended on not hearing anything I had to say.

Take a look at I’m kind of asleep right now while it’s still up on YouTube. The young people I work with aren’t like that, but this phenotype is apparently in the majority.

Does running with the herd feel safe? For now?

Sprouting whole oats

Last week I started sprouting whole oats using Sprouting oatsfirst study as a model.

  • Oat seed variety was Thunder Acres Organic Oats Lot# DEC 07 2022, sized .3 cm x 1.1 cm. That’s a large seed by criteria of large not passing through a 2.65 mm x 8.33 mm sieve.
  • 100 seeds weighed 4.2 grams. There were almost 600 seeds per 25 g batches.
  • Oat sprout batches were processed the same way I do broccoli sprout batches. A new batch started soaking to start germination every 12 hours, then was rinsed three times every 24 hours on a 6 hours – 6 hours – 12 hours cycle. The model also soaked seeds for 12 hours, but watered daily.
  • Temperature was 21°C (70°F) compared with the model’s 25°C. Relative humidity was lower than their 60%, probably between 30% and 50%, because it’s winter outside.

A few sprouts were similar to the model’s radicle length of 6.47 ± 0.22 cm after five days of germinating in darkness:

Didn’t achieve anything close to their 100% germination rate:

Not sure why 78% of seeds didn’t overcome dormancy. Different oat variety? Half the model’s relative humidity? Four degrees cooler temperature? Too frequent watering?

I decided to continue on to 6-day-old oat sprouts. A few sprouts had a growth spurt and started greening:

Just a few, though:

Didn’t generate enough data to confirm significant differences in germination rates between 5 and 6 days, or between a.m. and p.m.

Removing each batch’s sprout hulls was tedious. Now I can cut my fingernails again.

I ran another trial Sprouting hulled oats using oat seeds from a different company and Degree of oat sprouting as a model.

In memory of freedom through February 2020

Photos taken in Milan and Lake Como, Italy, February 22-23, 2020. The same weekend during which ten towns were closed south of the city.

As I said in Train your immune system every day! my traveling companion and I were likely exposed, yet had no symptoms after two weeks. Take responsibility for your one precious life.

Are humans more enlightened now regarding:

“Inalienable rights; that among which these are life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

than in 1776?

Image from the US Library of Congress.

Have you given your silent obedient consent to the worldwide power grab?

Top 2020 blog post categories

If seven weeks beforehand there was Halloween candy in grocery stores, and for the past week Christmas sales, we can review top ranked 2020 blog post categories.

Here’s a ranked list of readers’ interests of categories, then of posts within each category ranked by reader views. Prioritize it to your liking.

1. Manipulation of human herd behavior to enable economic and social upheaval and fraud in the name of a disease that has a worldwide 99+% recovery rate:

2. Broccoli sprout compounds research:

3. Aging research:

4. Experiential therapy:

Looking to the future, looking to the past