Don’t fool me

“You don’t fool me with your tinted eyes and makeup
The firebird hides in shadow when you wake up
Your golden hair is black
Your jeans are tight but your hide is slack
Try it on the company but you don’t fool me

You don’t fool me with your easy lies and fables
You won’t see me in ten buck furs and sables
You sparkle like a snake
The wine is real but the glass is fake
Blame it on the apple tree but you don’t fool me

Well, I’d rather be a man than play my role like you do
I’d rather be a man than sin my soul like you do
Well, I’d rather be a man than slave the way that you do
I’d rather be a man cause a man don’t crawl like you do

I’d rather be a man cause I wouldn’t wanna be like you”

It’s pawpaw season!

“In this episode we speak with Neal Peterson, who has devoted over 40 years to breeding pawpaws (Asimina triloba). We talk about how he first fell in love with this delicious fruit, how he tracked down remnants of the early 20th century pawpaw collections just in time, and selected 7 superior pawpaw cultivars out of 1,500 seedlings.”

Go to and episode 46.

I first ate a pawpaw while on a Capital Area Hiking Club September 2015 hike on the Susquehanna River. Our hike leader loaded up his backpack and was willing to share when we finished. Didn’t take a photo, but here’s what I picked a year later from a farm:


Ugly looking, but beautiful inside.

In subsequent seasons, I found pawpaws in national and state parks. Can’t find pawpaw fruit sales online that I previously bought from, so may revisit these parks next month.

My son and I engaged in Guerrilla Planting. Maybe it’s time to check on those trees’ progress, too?

Part 2 of Eat broccoli sprouts for your hearing

Went to a free hearing test at Costco this week. Results weren’t significantly different than those from a doctor’s office 2.5 years ago:


Didn’t have many expectations, other than I’d be given a hard sell to buy hearing aids by a technician on commission. A young woman used several sales techniques which I was prepared for, and doubled down when I didn’t answer leading questions to her satisfaction.

The second study of Part 1 offered evidence that “The antioxidant pathway was difficult to be activated in the context of accumulation of ROS.” Other studies I’ve read but haven’t curated indicated that there weren’t effective treatments once hearing damage had occurred.

When you get exposed to loud noises, do your best to immediately mitigate that by enhancing your overall Nrf2 gene expression. Timely Nrf2 activation can fix hearing damage.

It’s curious that reactive oxygen species accumulated in the inner ear doesn’t sufficiently activate the Nrf2 there. That doesn’t happen in other parts of our or other mammals’ bodies.

I’ll guess that hearing loss may exist to turn old mammals into prey, as part of evolutionarily-determined limits on lifespan that protect against population overshoot. Take responsibility for your own one precious life.

Are you prepared?

“There is one type of inflation that the Fed has never had control over – as covered in the previous analysis – inflation caused by shortages and supply side shocks. To fix that kind of inflation requires fixing the physical shortage problem. We’re seeing this right now with the 12 month increase in prices of imports going up by 10.6%.

This isn’t just theory. It is our collective history. Persistent and difficult to overcome inflation was what happened in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It seems almost like lost knowledge for many today, who are focused on the easier to understand concept of inflation created by excess money creation. What happened in practice was a different source of rising prices. The last time this happened it took decades to fully break the inflationary cycle.” “Climate Change & Court-Ordered Inflation”

“A display of extremely high food prices during hyperinflation” from Rare Historical Photos.