I started this blog in February 2015 to curate recent research primarily found on PNAS.org. After reading dozens of PNAS studies where the findings weren’t warranted by the data, culminating in The link between scientific value and content is broken at PNAS.org a year later, I now try to mainly curate studies/reviews that attempt to advance science.

I use a search term of “epigenetic” on https://www.readbyqxmd.com as the primary method of finding research papers. I don’t seek out papers that detract from science or that are 0-1 star obvious wastes of limited resources – they’re just unavoidable. Even research that I’ve rated 4-5 stars often had elements of perpetuating memes and agendas rather than advancing science.

Sometimes I relate principles of Dr. Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy to studies and reviews. Primal Therapy’s paradigm encourages research into treatment of causes. Its philosophical framework – gradually addressing sources of damage may reverse consequent effects – is productive in conceptualizing epigenetic research goals.

Dr. Janov also inspired the latter part of this blog’s title, Surface Your Real Self. His hypothesis is that we each continue to be our conditioned self until we address the sources of our pain. And then we can individually get our life back.

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