Reversal of aging and immunosenescent trends with sulforaphane

Sulforaphane research findings have commonalities with a super informative presentation by the lead researcher of clinical trial Reversal of aging and immunosenescent trends. I did a PubMed search of sulforaphane and each presentation topic, and used a 1/1/2015 publication date cutoff.

Presentation topics through the first 13 minutes were:

Thymus – no recent sulforaphane studies



C-reactive protein and IL-6

Bone marrow fat – no recent studies

T cells

PD-1 / PD-L1

Treatment cost

I estimate the annual cost of the non-prescription treatments of the clinical trial to be $100. The estimated annual cost of eating broccoli sprouts every day is < $500 for the broccoli seeds.

broccoli seed label

The above image isn’t an endorsement although it’s what I’ve used. It’s buzzword marketing to put “sprouts” and “sulforaphane” but not “seeds” on the label of a broccoli seeds package. For another thing, broccoli sprouts don’t “abound with phytochemical sulforaphane.”

Repeating a point from Estimating daily consumption of broccoli sprout compounds, broccoli seeds and sprouts contain little or no sulforaphane. They have glucoraphanin and myrosinase enzyme which are structurally separated. Disturbing their cells mixes the two, and the enzyme hydrolyzes glucoraphanin and other glucosinolates into sulforaphane and other healthy compounds.

Continue presentation topic commonalities with sulforaphane research at A pair of broccoli sprout studies and Part 2 of Reversal of aging and immunosenescent trends with sulforaphane.


2 thoughts on “Reversal of aging and immunosenescent trends with sulforaphane

  1. How many grams of sprouts pr. day would be needed to achieve any clinical relevant results? Also, I suppose that just chewing the sprouts would be enough to form sulforaphane?

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