Taurine week #7: Brain

Finishing a week’s worth of 2022 taurine research with two reviews of taurine’s brain effects: “We provide a overview of brain taurine homeostasis, and review mechanisms by which taurine can afford neuroprotection in individuals with obesity and diabetes. Alterations to taurine homeostasis can impact a number of biological processes such as osmolarity control, calcium homeostasis, … Continue reading Taurine week #7: Brain

Taurine week #6: Stress

Two 2022 rodent studies of taurine’s associations with long-term stress, starting with a chronic restraint stress model: “We show that chronic restraint stress can lead to hyperalgesia accompanied by changes in gut microbiota that have significant gender differences. Corresponding changes of bacteria can further induce hyperalgesia and affect different serum metabolism in mice of the … Continue reading Taurine week #6: Stress

Taurine week #5: Blood

Two 2022 papers investigated taurine’s effects in blood, starting with a review of platelets: “Taurine is the most abundant free amino acid in the human body, with a six times higher concentration in platelets than any other amino acid. It is highly beneficial for the organism, has many therapeutic actions, and is currently approved for … Continue reading Taurine week #5: Blood

Taurine week #4: Muscles

Two 2022 papers investigated taurine and skeletal muscles, starting with a rodent study of endurance exercise: “This study examined effects of taurine on dynamics of blood glucose concentration (BGC) during endurance exercise in rats. Blood was collected every 10 min from the jugular vein via cannulation. Exercise period was divided by every 40 min into … Continue reading Taurine week #4: Muscles

Taurine week #3: Organs

Three 2022 papers investigated taurine’s effects on organs, starting with a rodent study of sepsis: “Sepsis usually causes multiple organ dysfunctions and high mortality. Pathogenesis of sepsis is thought to be driven by hyperactive inflammation following pathogen invasion. If the immune system fails to eradicate pathogens, immune homeostasis is disturbed, leading to an overwhelming inflammation … Continue reading Taurine week #3: Organs

Taurine week #2: Bile acids

Two papers investigated taurine’s integration into bile acids, starting with a review: “Bile acids (BAs) are produced from cholesterol in the liver and are termed primary BAs. Primary BAs are conjugated with glycine and taurine in the liver, and stored in the gallbladder. BAs are released from the gallbladder into the small intestine via food … Continue reading Taurine week #2: Bile acids

Taurine week #1: Biomarkers

It’s been a while since I curated taurine research. Read at least a week’s worth of 2022 papers last weekend. Let’s start with two studies that didn’t supplement with taurine, but found it was a biomarker. The first was a rodent study that treated a high fat diet with blood pressure medicine: “Non-alcoholic fatty liver … Continue reading Taurine week #1: Biomarkers

Defend yourself with taurine

This densely packed 2021 review subject was taurine: “Taurine (Tau), a sulphur-containing non-proteinogenic β-amino acid, has a special place as an important natural modulator of antioxidant defence networks: Direct antioxidant effect of Tau due to scavenging free radicals is limited, and could be expected only in a few tissues (heart and eye) with comparatively high … Continue reading Defend yourself with taurine

Take taurine for your mitochondria

This 2021 review summarized taurine’s beneficial effects on mitochondrial function: “Taurine supplementation protects against pathologies associated with mitochondrial defects, such as aging, mitochondrial diseases, metabolic syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders. Potential mechanisms by which taurine exerts its antioxidant activity in maintaining mitochondria health include: Conjugates with uridine on mitochondrial tRNA to form a … Continue reading Take taurine for your mitochondria

Go for the win-win with taurine

This 2021 rodent study investigated taurine effects on colitis: “Taurine plays an important role in various essential biological processes. Health beneficial effects of taurine have been generally attributable to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Taurine chloramine (TauCl) is an endogenous anti-inflammatory substance derived from taurine. In fighting exogenous pathogens, neutrophils utilize one powerful weapon in … Continue reading Go for the win-win with taurine

Train your gut microbiota with taurine

This 2021 rodent study found: “We show that gut microbiota from previously infected hosts display enhanced resistance to infection. This long-term functional remodeling is associated with altered bile acid metabolism leading to expansion of taxa that utilize taurine. Supplying exogenous taurine alone is sufficient to induce this alteration in microbiota function and enhance resistance. Taurine … Continue reading Train your gut microbiota with taurine

How to measure biological age?

As mentioned in Week 127, I had biological age measured earlier this month, and received five reports two days ago on Sunday. Part of the company’s process is to follow up their reports (intrinsic aging, immune aging, pace of aging, telomere length, weight loss) with a consulting session to review and interpret, which lasted an … Continue reading How to measure biological age?

Betaine and diabetes

Two 2022 papers on betaine’s effects, starting with a review: “Rodent studies provide evidence that betaine effectively limits many diabetes-related disturbances. Betaine therapy improves glucose tolerance and insulin action, which is strongly associated with changes in insulin-sensitive tissues, such as skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, and liver. Betaine supplementation positively affects multiple genes, which expression is … Continue reading Betaine and diabetes

The misnomer of nonessential amino acids

Three papers, starting with a 2022 review: “Ideal diets must provide all physiologically and nutritionally essential amino acids (AAs). Proposed optimal ratios and amounts of true digestible AAs in diets during different phases of growth and production. Because dynamic requirements of animals for dietary AAs are influenced by a plethora of factors, data below as … Continue reading The misnomer of nonessential amino acids

Eat broccoli sprouts for your workouts

This 2021 human study investigated effects of pre- and post-workout glucoraphanin intake: “The tablets used in this study contained 30 mg/3 tablets of sulforaphane glucosinolate [properly termed glucoraphanin], a precursor of sulforaphane (SFN), which is converted to SFN in the intestinal lumen by intestinal microflora. Subjects took one tablet of SFN supplement per meal, three … Continue reading Eat broccoli sprouts for your workouts