Year Three of Changing to a youthful phenotype with sprouts

1. I’ve continued daily practices from Year Two with microwaved 3-day-old broccoli, red cabbage, and mustard sprouts for 13 times longer now than any sulforaphane clinical trial. The main difference over the past year is that I eat AGE-less chicken vegetable soup 3-4 times a week rather than twice a day. That was just too boring, plus I stopped eating lunch. My other dinners are often steamed vegetables and seafood.

I frame these efforts as tactics in a strategy of delaying my body from doing more to kill itself every year:

  • Eat Avena nuda oats for breakfast;
  • Eat 3-day-old hulled Avena sativa oat sprouts twice a day;
  • Eat AGE-less chicken vegetable soup 3-4 times a week
  • Take supplements that promote healthspan twice a day;
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes daily;
  • Take yeast cell wall β-glucan daily, with nothing else an hour before or after; and
  • Avoid undue stress by working from home 40 hours a week in my 26th year as a professional software developer.

Tactics’ main components activate AMPK, Nrf2, and associated signaling pathways, and inhibit pro-inflammatory pathways such as NF-κB. But fixing inflammation doesn’t repair all existing damage. I wonder what could have been physically resolved if I had started earlier.

I haven’t had another three-year period in my life where I wasn’t sick even once!

2. One place I take clues from are successful anti-aging animal research efforts such as a study reviewed here earlier this month. Last curated in Improve your internal environment, improve its constituents’ functions, it used plasma fraction treatment. Plasma fraction eclipsed a caloric restriction treatment’s previous record for maximum species lifespan by 5%.

This type of research clearly isn’t a priority for official sponsors to fund, though. Take responsibility for your own one precious life.


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