Part 3 of Make your gut microbiota happy

Continuing from Part 2, my 7/15/2021 sample found that no bad bacteria needed work. Top three reasons why this may be are:

1. I’ve eaten microwaved broccoli sprouts every day for 68 weeks now. Relevant research:

helicobacter 0

2. This is the 17th year of training my immune system every day with yeast cell wall β-glucan.


3. Basic hygiene practices such as brushing my teeth twice a day.

aggregatibacter 0


5 thoughts on “Part 3 of Make your gut microbiota happy

  1. My maternal grandmother died at a very early age from stomach cancer caused by an untreated ulcer. Never got to meet her. Ulcers run in my family. Think I’ll go eat my sprouts now!

  2. Great info!

    Have you read anything on the impact of a variety of different plant foods for gut health? I heard a doctor on a podcast a while back say that a person should strive to eat as many different plant foods (e.g., vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.) as possible. Something like 40+ different types per week, whereas the average American is at like 10 types per week.

    • Hi Carl! Thanks for commenting.
      Michael Lustgarten may come close to 40 types a week, each for a specific purpose. I follow him on YouTube, and subscribe on Patreon to see what he has to say.

      • Thank you for the response. It may have been Lustgarten whom I heard, though I don’t remember for sure. It looks like he gets 40+ whether he consciously aims for it or not.

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