Year One of Changing to a youthful phenotype with broccoli sprouts

1. My subjective experiences these past 52 weeks are that noticeable changes keep happening due to combinations of:

  • Eating clinically-relevant, twice-daily doses of microwaved 3-day-old broccoli sprouts, and taking nothing else an hour before or an hour after;
  • Eating 3-day-old oat sprouts twice a day;
  • Exercising every day;
  • Taking yeast cell wall β-glucan and other supplements twice a day;
  • Eating AGE-less chicken vegetable soup twice a day;
  • Eating 81+ grams (dry weight before soaking 16+ hours) of Avena nuda oats for breakfast;
  • Working from home 40 hours a week.

I look forward to more evidence on youthening during Year Two.

2. The three previous blog posts concerned yeast cell wall β-glucan. I haven’t received expected results from my New Year’s resolution to be prepared for Spring’s allergy onslaught. Actions included:

  • Changing diet to be more gut-friendly;
  • Taking WellImmune β-glucan in a morning dose of 500 mg for over two months;
  • Continuing with another company’s β-glucan in an evening 400 mg dose.

Consider this graphic from a third competitor regarding their Glucan 300 β-glucan:


My weight is probably 150-ish. I’d take three or four 500 mg capsules daily if I used Glucan 300. β-glucan comparisons evaluated it as the most active of five dozen commercially available products.

My lack of expected 2021 allergy results may be due to both insufficient dose and less-active products. Glucan 300 discloses its active content in specific percentages of 1,3/1,6 terminal-linked glucose molecules:

  1. Yeast cell wall β-glucan’s effects depend on biologically active content.
  2. Companies with evidence-based competitive products will disclose these contents.
  3. Neither β-glucan product I currently take does that.

I’ll use Glucan 300 exclusively when I receive it later this week. Can’t grow a fire by piling on more wet green wood if I’m serious about improving my innate and adaptive immune systems. Allergy season continues another few weeks, so it shouldn’t take long to find out if this change makes a difference.



3 thoughts on “Year One of Changing to a youthful phenotype with broccoli sprouts

  1. Hello, thank you for your articles.
    I also have hay fever, a spring allergy. It is weaker than before but quercetin is enough to make it disappear. However, I have tried several quercetin, and only one product works well, other brands or products not. I can indicate the name of the product on request, I do not want to advertise.

    • Hi Eric! Thanks for commenting.
      I eat at least 134 mg total flavonoids in the form of quercetin and kaempferol from microwaving 3-day-old broccoli sprouts. I don’t take additional quercetin supplements anymore because of its comparatively low bioavailability.
      What do you take?

      • Hello !
        The most successful quercetin for me against seasonal allergy is Life Extension’s Optimized Quercetin (250 mg quercetin + vit C + camu-camu-extract).
        I have also tried Quercetin from MRM (500 mg Quercetin) or Quercetin with Bromelain from Now (400 mg Quercetin, 82 mg Bromelain), but no effect on the seasonal allergy.

        Is it the origin of the quercetin or the addition of camu-camu, I do not know, but in any case it works for me, with 1 tablet per day, for the daily life.
        If I have to cut grass, or take a big outing (running) in nature, I take a second tablet.
        From March to July approximately.

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