Continue sleepwalking, young people

A few months ago I had a series of interactions with a late-twenties person who’d escaped from Manhattan. They were well-off enough to work remotely from anywhere, but they chose to move into their mother’s house.

I tried to see them as an individual. I presented Wake up, young people!! arguments:

“Your future lives are being destroyed by this worldwide political power grab.

Unless you were / are already seriously ill with some other disease, you have had / will have very little chance of becoming a COVID-19 fatality.

Young people have been forced into receiving no benefits to their present lives in order to receive less than nothing in their future lives!

  • People who are herding you couldn’t care less about you.
  • Their control over you has no current or future benefit to you. They’ve demonstrated that your present and future lives mean nothing to them.
  • Sitting around, doing nothing, is interpreted as you consenting to their actions.”

None of these had any obvious penetration to the shields they had. They tried to stereotype me for my efforts.

I presented “taking responsibility for your own one precious life” evidence. They knew I’d been in Milan, Italy, February 22-23, 2020, the weekend during which ten towns were closed south of the city.

They tried to ridicule me for saying that anything I’d done to prepare for an aging life stage – since they’d been in elementary school – had any effect on me not becoming infected. Their behavioral contagion was that strong, as if their survival depended on not hearing anything I had to say.

Take a look at I’m kind of asleep right now while it’s still up on YouTube. The young people I work with aren’t like that, but this phenotype is apparently in the majority.

Does running with the herd feel safe for now? How long will that last?

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