I’m kind of asleep right now

This should stay up on YouTube for a while since it uses satire. If it used informed opinions like:

YouTube would censor it.

“I’ll stay at home for the rest of my life if they tell me to. Who knows how to make the best choices for my health and my life? Definitely not me.

The last thing you want is for people to have the freedom to make their own choices and then experience the consequences of their choices.

This new scientific data is irrelevant to me. I already made up my mind when I was the most frightened, and I’m going to keep on believing what makes me the most frightened. Because it’s more congruent to my being that way.

The more scared I am, the more obedient I am.

Yes, I would like a mandatory vaccine. Sometimes the best medicine is like the best sex: non-consensual. They work on the same premise.

It’s pretty well proven that being proactive and taking care of your health won’t keep you healthy. Our only hope is in the pharmaceutical companies protecting us. They have a very good track record of never harming anyone.

I’d like two microchips please. Just to keep me extra safe. Or maybe we should just do a baby step, and use a mandatory tracking app on our phone to keep us safe and then go to the microchips.”

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