Wake up, young people!!

One continuing aspect of the coronavirus is how it’s being used for economic upheavals that weren’t previously acceptable. A view from a Hong Kong analyst in The COVID-19 Trade-Off:

“Allocating scarce resources to satisfy one need in the present means that these resources will not be available to satisfy another need in the present or the future. [Referenced Frederic Bastiat’s Broken Window parable which illustrated why destruction, and the money spent to recover from destruction, was not actually a net benefit to society].

The trade-off associated with the COVID-19 threat is between [your] lives today and [your] lives in the future. Decision makers are clueless about the long-term costs, in terms of lost lives and lowered living standards, that likely will result from the lockdowns.

Wake up, young people!! Your future lives are being destroyed by this worldwide political power grab.

Unless you were / are already seriously ill with some other disease, you have had / will have very little chance of becoming a COVID-19 fatality.

Young people have been forced into receiving no benefits to their present lives in order to receive less than nothing in their future lives!

  • People who are herding you couldn’t care less about you. They won’t voluntarily understand Frederic Bastiat’s point from 170 years ago.
  • Their control over you has no current or future benefit to you. They’ve demonstrated that your present and future lives mean nothing to them.
  • Sitting around, doing nothing, is interpreted as you consenting to their actions. They’ll just add more skulls to their collection.

Image from Rare Historical Photos

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