Problematic research on oxytocin: If the study design excludes women, its findings cannot include women

This 2014 study’s findings that “the hormone oxytocin promotes group-serving dishonesty” can’t apply generally because its subjects were ALL men.

The researchers should have been informed by other studies such as Is oxytocin why more women than men like horror movies? that referenced previous studies’ findings that:

“Oxytocin modulates brain activity differently in male and female subjects.”

The researchers should also have been better informed about brain areas and differing reciprocal behaviors through studies such as Reciprocity behaviors differ as to whether we seek cerebral vs. limbic system rewards and its references.

How can the study produce evidence of

Dishonesty to be plastic and rooted in evolved neurobiological circuitries”

when this study performed NO measurements of “neurobiological circuitries?”

Which made me ask – What was the agenda in play here? What did the female Princeton reviewer see in this study that advanced science? “Oxytocin promotes group-serving dishonesty”


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