Why is Thailand locked down?

From the John Hopkins panic map:

John Hopkins isn’t allowed to present other countries’ data without also displaying US data? Is the message to Stay Panicked?

From UN statistics:

Thailand is locked down because fewer than 0.0001% (56 / 69776209) of the population have died from COVID-19?

The Thai people have had their economy and income destroyed, and are standing in food lines because..? To protect their health?

A hundred people in a dozen countries looked at this post today. None of them were in Thailand, which goes a long way toward answering the title’s question. As does this Twitter reply:

“Because here, as in many places, those with power have used the virus panic to seize even more power and demand people obey them without question. The generals can never resist power.”

So Rolling back your rights and making you obey was clearly the goal. Not hard to find examples of the WHO’s involvement in Thailand’s lockdown.

What will people in the US accept?

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