Rolling back your rights and making you obey was clearly the goal

“The virus itself destroyed virtually no jobs. Those jobs, these families, were destroyed by lockdowns ordered by politicians. The most destructive economic event since the second World War.

Now we’ve been assured repeatedly that all of this was absolutely necessary. After months of incalculable damage to hundreds of millions of families, the WHO is now telling us – almost casually – that actually, our model should be Sweden.

Who is the man you just saw speaking? Just a month ago, that guy’s model was not Sweden. It was the Khmer Rouge’s Cambodia.

We’re glad that the WHO is now admitting that it was insane. But it isn’t much comfort now.

The World Health Organization has always been wrong about coronavirus:

  • WHO told us it couldn’t spread from person to person. A lie.
  • They said the virus had stopped and couldn’t spread worldwide. A lie.
  • They said it was racist to talk about where the virus came from. Okay.
  • They said face masks were ineffective – indeed, counterproductive.

Again, those weren’t simply wrong statements. They were lies.

Has there ever been a bigger screw up?

Being wrong on the single most important policy decision in living memory is no reason to abandon a sweeping power grab.

Protecting public health – as it turns out – was just an excuse, a pretext. Rolling back your rights and making you obey was clearly the goal.”

The herding continues. What will it take for people to question why their future has been destroyed?

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