If people don’t stand up for their rights, their rights will be forgotten

YouTube took down this interview and a follow-on interview It was known to everybody that the lockdown would cause a catastrophe.

Here’s an interview last week with a German epidemiologist, Professor Wittkowski, who isn’t on a government payroll:

“First of all the elderly and fragile should be separated from the population where the virus is circulating. Everyone else, especially the children, should keep going to school, because they will be the primary impetus for herd immunity.

Flattening the curve prolongs the time a virus stays in the population. People staying indoors keeps the virus healthy.

Like every other respiratory disease, without government intervention, the pandemic would already be over like it’s over in China and South Korea. Except, both in China and South Korea, social distancing started very close to the peak. By keeping the virus from running its course, they are now having a second wave of cases. It will keep on if we don’t let it complete.

There’s nothing to be scared about. This is a flu epidemic like others, maybe more severe. What’s changed is the internet. People get their information in a few seconds, rather than a week.

Tracking a respiratory disease is impossible. Even in times of social distancing. Nature has ways to make sure we survive.

The standard for AIDS reporting, i.e., the date of infection separated from the date of reporting, is not being followed.

If we had herd immunity now, we wouldn’t have a second wave in the fall. Herd immunity typically lasts for a couple of years. If we prevent herd immunity, it is certain that a second wave will occur.

Testing doesn’t stop anything. Antibody testing will give us estimates of herd immunity, which would be useful.

We don’t die of the virus. We die of pneumonia.

The downside of starting containment is that we should not believe that we are more intelligent than mother nature when we were evolving. Mother nature was pretty good at making sure we were a good match for the diseases that we happened to see virtually every year.

I think people, especially in the United States, are more docile than they should be. People should talk with their politicians, question them, ask them to explain. Because if people don’t stand up to their rights, their rights will be forgotten.”

2 thoughts on “If people don’t stand up for their rights, their rights will be forgotten

  1. So glad I found your site, someone who really thinks like I do. Herd immunity is the thing. Protect old people but let other people live their lives. If 90% of us had COVID it would die on it’s own and socal distancing is only makeing more people die. My busienss is going bankrupt because of this worldwide conspiracy that is not at all medically based. Almost everyone I know if Fort Worth agrees with me. I can’t even go to a Rangers game when I’m totally healthy. You have more chance to die of flue, airplanes, 5G, vaping than of COVID. Keep getting your message out there.

    • Thank you Mr. Dunham. My grandchildren in Grand Prairie ages 10-14 aren’t at risk. I agreed with this Professor that they should be back in school, but that doesn’t look like it will happen.

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