It was known to everybody that the lockdown would cause a catastrophe

To follow up If people don’t stand up for their rights, their rights will be forgotten which YouTube has taken down, here are excerpts from a subsequent interview which YouTube has also taken down:

“If you don’t present bad news, that’s not good news for the media.

On April 17, the Director of the CDC presented at the Presidential Briefing, this graph. Its a count of hospitals reporting some sort of symptom that might be influenza. If the number of people who show up at the hospital peaked around March 18th, that means the number of infections peaked around March 8th.

People don’t go to the hospital for their first symptoms. They give it three or four days, and if it doesn’t get better, then they go to the hospital.

If infections peaked around March 8th, then shutting down schools and the economy ten days later is totally absurd. Shutting down the economy ten days after the curve had already turned down is heartless.

New York hospitals were not overflowing. They were laying off people. 500 sick people is a drop in the bucket for the New York City hospital system.

It may have been unfortunate for the patients that there were so many respirators. That’s a different story.

Double-checking never happened with these models. You’re never off by orders of magnitude. You’re off by 10, 20, 30%. [The Imperial College model for UK deaths from COVID-19 changed from 510,000 to 20,000 IIRC] That was more than two orders of magnitude.

It was known to everybody that the lockdown would cause a catastrophe.

Isolating the nursing homes would have been the thing that would have prevented deaths, and would have prevented hospitals from becoming overloaded. Not letting children and young adults from becoming infected and developing immunity would not prevent the load on hospitals.

You don’t need to do anything to prevent a respiratory disease from running. What you should do – and what was not done in the United States – was to protect the elderly. From the experience in Italy, we already knew that the vast majority of people who died were people in their seventies, eighties, nineties, who had comorbidities.

We also had that in Seattle, people with comorbidities died in nursing homes. At that point in time, one should have isolated at least the nursing homes.

To isolate the children, who are not at risk, and put those at risk at risk, is a catastrophe. It’s a human catastrophe that should have never, ever, happened.

I don’t know where the government finds these so-called experts who don’t understand the very basics about epidemiology.

I have never heard of him and never read any publications on epidemiology by Bill Gates but maybe I overlooked some of his qualifications.

I don’t understand this mantra that ‘We will never go back to normal.’ Why not? The virus is gone. Let’s go back and have a life.

If people would be more active. If they would take part in political decisions. If they would be more awake. If they would fight for their democratic rights. This would never have happened.

It’s a failure of the people to take control of the government, and let the government take control of them.”

The Professor misunderstood the United States form of government. As a general principle, the federal government doesn’t order states to do such and such.

Florida, for example, did exactly what the Professor suggested, “protect the elderly.” Other states didn’t, like Washington, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and especially New York. Don’t know why those states’ residents don’t demand responsibility and accountability.

The Professor didn’t adequately present aspects of human behavior. For example, he cited a CDC chart of a drop in hospital reporting of influenza-like symptoms for his arguments without also citing the media frenzy to scare people away from hospitals for fear that they would catch COVID-19. So of course there were fewer instances of influenza-like symptoms reported by hospitals.

He also said “The virus is gone” but that statement had qualifications. Parts of this interview misplaced their relevant contexts.

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