May you be the hero who solves your own problems

This 2019 Germany/US review subject was the failure of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy:

“Each mental disorder raises its own host of issues. However, recent evidence across multiple meta-analyses on key mental disorders provides an overarching picture of limited benefits for both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Some differences for specific disorders are not strong enough to weaken the overall impression that a dead end has been reached in the treatment of mental disorders. For this reason, a paradigm shift seems to be required.”

Investigate the above linked Primal Therapy category to figure out what you could do for yourself. Follow the below review link for reasons to avoid treatments that waste your one precious life. “Toward a paradigm shift in treatment and research of mental disorders”

One thought on “May you be the hero who solves your own problems

  1. Interesting study and not surprising. And we don’t need a paradigm shift in research, we need a paradigm shift in therapy.

    Arthur Janov saw this 60 years ago when he created primal therapy. He always said that other therapies were “talking to the wrong brain” (the thinking brain, not the feeling brain) and he was right. I did all the talk therapies and they were useless. Medications are also useless unless they are used judiciously within a deep feeling framework.

    Of course primal type therapies need to be researched properly. There are many failures in primal as well and we need to be able predict who will do well and who won’t before thousands of dollars are spent on useless therapy.

    I’ll spread this around.

    Thanks again, Bruce

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