Outward expressions of inner truth

“Truth needs no defense except when that truth is more than the system can integrate; then it requires defenses.

Our merciful brain has found back-up ways to protect us. It keeps the truth from us even when we go on searching for the truth.

After patients have deep feelings they come up with many truths about their lives. It is buried and defended along with the pain. Thus no one has to give anyone insights; they are already there just waiting for the exit.”

In the blog post’s Comments section:

“When repression is not effective, the imprint rises for connection. But it is transformed into an act-out before it becomes conscious.

I had to get out each morning to feel free and shake my malaise. I never ever knew the origins of needing to get out. And the act out would never stop until I felt the origins and relived them.

The memory is continuously pushing and forces all kinds of act-out behaviors. The behavior has to be close to the original imprint to make act outs effective.

The brain knows, even when we don’t. And offers up all kinds of reasons for our behavior except the right one.”

http://cigognenews.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-act-out-and-more_29.html “The Act-out and More”


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