Selecting broccoli varieties

This 2022 study evaluated 14 broccoli varieties grown in the same conditions for their floret compounds:

“Glucosinolate (GSL) profile and content in 11 inbred broccoli lines and three commercial cultivars were analyzed. Hydrolysate content, myrosinase activity, and nitrile formation rate were also determined.

Sulforaphane – an isothiocyanate (ITC) hydrolysate of glucoraphanin – content showed relatively higher value in the following order: 5404 > 5410 > 5407 > 5411, although glucoraphanin content was lower in those lines:


No significant relationship was found between myrosinase activity and total hydrolysate content, except in line 5310, which had the lowest myrosinase activity and the lowest total hydrolysate content. There was no significant correlation between myrosinase activities and sulforaphane.

We found a clear difference in selecting functional broccoli by considering only the GSL content or hydrolysates.

  • Even if total GSL content and individual GSL content were high, ITC content could not be produced at a high level.
  • When GSL content is high, if nitrile formation rate was also high, more nitrile than ITC would be produced.

Low nitrile formation rate and higher hydrolysate content should be considered when selecting functional broccoli lines with high GSL content.” “Selection of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) on composition and content of glucosinolates and hydrolysates”

As 3-day-old broccoli sprouts have the optimal yields, Lab analyses of broccoli sprout compounds, Tailoring measurements for broccoli sprouts, and this study found, there weren’t many potential health benefits based solely on broccoli varieties’ glucoraphanin contents. But genotypes had a greater effect than did environmental influences, and seed / sprout / stalk / floret beneficial contents differed.

There are opportunities for vendors to showcase healthier broccoli products. Growing, harvesting, and storage conditions will make that expensive to test and certify, though.

As A follow-on study to 3-day-old broccoli sprouts have the optimal yields, Enhancing sulforaphane content, and Microwave broccoli to increase sulforaphane levels showed, there are ways to improve myrosinase activity and isothiocyanate yield. I do these easy actions every day while growing 3-day-old sprouts from unknown broccoli varieties. Waiting for evidence to compel changing that.

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