Broccoli sprout beer?

This 2023 study investigated supplementing broccoli into beer:

“The objective of this work was to evaluate alternative broccoli materials (sprouts and by-products powder), which could be a sustainable dietary source of bioactive sulforaphane (SFN). Results showed high concentrations of SFN in beers supplemented with broccoli sprouts and powder (5.00 and 2.54 mg/L, respectively, previous to bottling), indicating that formation rate for SFN when adding sprouts and by-products powder were almost 38.5% and 19.5%, correspondingly. These concentrations remained stable until bottling, where they were reduced by >50%.


Beers supplemented with broccoli presented a higher alcohol content (6.6%, on average) than control beer, regardless of the broccoli material used. Sensory analysis revealed positive attributes (colour, floral, fruity, and aftertaste as a result of the profile of volatile compounds) of beers developed using sprouts. Future research is still needed to stabilize SFN during bottling.” “Broccoli products supplemented beers provide a sustainable source of dietary sulforaphane”



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