Eat broccoli sprouts daily, and manage weight

This 2018 human study found:

“The objective of this study was to determine whether daily broccoli consumption alters absorption and metabolism of isothiocyanates derived from broccoli glucosinolates. We conducted a randomised cross-over human study (n = 18) balanced for BMI and glutathione S-transferase μ 1 (GSTM1) genotype in which subjects consumed a control diet with no broccoli (NB) for 16 d or the same diet with 200 g of cooked broccoli and 20 g of raw daikon radish daily for 15 d (daily broccoli, DB) and 100 g of broccoli and 10 g of daikon radish on day 16.

On day 17, all subjects consumed a meal of 200 g of broccoli and 20 g of daikon radish. Plasma and urine were collected for 24 h and analysed for sulphoraphane (SF) and metabolites of SF and erucin (ER). (a) BMI < 26 (b) BMI > 26.

sulforaphane and erucin metabolites


Plasma AUC [area under the curve] and urinary excretion rates were higher on DB diet than on NB diet. Daily consumption of broccoli interacted with BMI to affect plasma concentrations and urinary excretion of glucosinolate-derived compounds.

Plasma and urinary levels of SF and mercapturic acid pathway products of SF and ER following a broccoli challenge meal were altered when preceded by 16 d of daily broccoli ingestion, and the effect depended on BMI.” “Absorption and metabolism of isothiocyanates formed from broccoli glucosinolates: effects of BMI and daily consumption in a randomised clinical trial”

Humans are the same, yet we’re each individually unique. These researchers could have explored individual differences, but that wasn’t part of this study’s design.

So we’re left with BMI as a discriminator. I don’t think that’s evidentiarily sufficient.

Eat broccoli sprouts every day. You’ll figure it out.

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