Week 18 of Changing to a youthful phenotype with broccoli sprouts

1. After eating broccoli sprouts every day for 120 consecutive days, I finally got serious enough to spend $16 on a kitchen scale. 🙂 It’s really a jewelers scale, as it has carat, grain, and troy ounce units of measure in addition to gram and ounce.

Twice a day I start a new batch of broccoli sprouts with one tablespoon broccoli seeds of unspecified variety. I measured successive tablespoons at 10.2, 11.4, and 10.6 grams, and have since started each new batch with 10.7 grams of broccoli seeds.

Each new batch soaks for 12 hours. I rehydrate the other five batches for five minutes before draining, and clump together developing sprouts to look like this:

At room temperature and darkness, each drained batch is close to being completely dry every 12 hours. Laboratories provide water more frequently during germination.

The below weight measurements of 3-day-old broccoli sprouts are dry and wet (soaked five minutes then drained). Microwaving acts directly on a material’s water content, so I don’t microwave dry broccoli sprouts.

The trend reminds me of an initial step of quality programs – improvements start with measurements.

I’ve used Estimating daily consumption of broccoli sprout compounds worst-cases in estimates of broccoli seeds, sprouts and their compounds. I’ve factored these estimates with the above numbers. Compare them with strikethrough numbers – you may be surprised.

I won’t update posts where I’ve used these new estimates quite yet. A convenient action for my work-from-home-during-this-manufactured-crisis situation would be to rinse developing broccoli sprouts at lunch time, about 6 hours into their current 12-hour cycle. I’ll try that for a few days to see if it’s an improvement.

2. I reordered broccoli seeds from the same vendor. Their label is cropped so that its information will neither be mistaken for an endorsement, nor confused with originating from any basis in science:

The label’s Serving Size is new. I moved from one to two tablespoons after Week 5 of Changing an inflammatory phenotype with broccoli sprouts.

I contacted the company for further clarification:

“Just received broccoli seeds. I notice that Serving Size is two tablespoons. Is there any specific research you can point me to for understanding the two tablespoons?”

They responded:

“If I understand correctly you are using the broccoli seed for sprouting?

If so, the 2 Tablespoon size is a recommendation/guideline, depending on the size jar you are using and how much you would prefer to yield. 2 Tablespoons – 1/2 cup is a good range to stay within for sprouts to have room to grow and be rinsed properly ( for most sprouting jars).

Serving size for eating is subjective and you should sprout, sprout, sprout if they are a regular to your daily meals 😊

Please let us know more about your inquiry so we can best help, thanks. 🌼”

“Subjective” is probably the basis of other vendors’ recommendations as well. At least this vendor now uses the word “seeds” on their broccoli seeds package label.

Continued with Week 19 of Changing to a youthful phenotype with broccoli sprouts.



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