What are the chances?

This 2018 UC Davis anthropology study was on dice changes over two centuries:

“In Roman times, many dice were visibly lopsided..It did not matter what the objects were made of (metal, clay, bone, antler and ivory), or whether they were precisely symmetrical or consistent in size or shape, because, like the weather, rolls were predetermined by gods or other supernatural elements.

Dice, like many material objects, reflect a lot about people’s changing worldviews, Eerkens said. In this case, we believe it follows changing ideas about chance and fate.”

Think of a significant event in your life. Was it brought about by:

  1. Fate?
  2. Karma, divine intervention?
  3. A prayer, belief, placebo-effect process?
  4. Randomness?
  5. A coin-flip, card-draw, dice-roll decision process?
  6. A weighted-probability decision process?
  7. Chosen behavior, thoughts, and feelings?
  8. Unconscious behavior, thoughts, and feelings?
  9. Culturally-guided motivations?
  10. Non-arbitrary influences of other parties?

Which one or more of these factors would you now prefer to have been involved?

https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/it-not-how-you-play-game-how-dice-were-made “It’s Not How You Play the Game, but How the Dice Were Made”

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