Wasting public science funds on voodoo dolls

This 2014 Ohio State human study found:

“Low glucose levels might be one factor that contributes to intimate partner violence.”

The study used pins stuck in voodoo dolls and noise blasts to measure aggression towards the subjects’ spouses. These measures had neither been correlated with “intimate partner violence” nor standardized, though.

The experimental data led to some fun-with-number associations:

“Lower evening glucose levels related to blasting one’s spouse with more intense and prolonged noise.

Lower levels of evening glucose were more aggressive in part because they also had greater aggressive impulses.”

Both the study’s design and implementation were such that they couldn’t provide evidence for causes of the effects. The expert opinion here expressed:

“Concerns to which extent this particular study is helpful in explaining the role of self-control (or lack thereof) in the etiology of intimate partner violence.”

and pointed out several methodological and statistical lacks.

National Science Foundation Grant BCS1104118 was a waste of public money while deserving areas of research go begging.

http://www.pnas.org/content/111/17/6254.full “Low glucose relates to greater aggression in married couples”

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