Because human nature doesn’t change

Catching up with Martin Armstrong:

“Nero’s reputation has been the consequence of ancient fake news that to this day, distorts the man and what he stood against for his attempt to drain the swamp.

The Deep State conspired to kill Nero for his reforms, reflecting the growing discontent among the ruling class of the Roman state with Nero’s increasing attack upon corruption. Some wished to replace Nero with a better emperor who understood the Deep State was off limits. Others wished to be free of emperors altogether, and restore a purely Republican form of government with all its free-wheeling corruption.”

Nero the Antichrist – Deep State & Fake News

“The question of TIME has puzzled humanity for millennia. What is it? Does it flow like a river?

Cycles exist both on a fixed level of time as well as a dynamic level within TIME – Longitudinal & Transverse.

Legends of massive waves that drag ships to their doom have often been attributed to giant monsters of something supernatural. They can be explained as cyclical convergences whereby numerous cyclical waves combine together and produce an abnormally large wave that causes amplitudes of individual waves to blend together, producing a huge event.”

How to Use the Forecasting Arrays


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