Weight loss for the lazy

At the risk of becoming Dr. Paul Clayton’s echo chamber, another great blog post, Falling Down:

“When lab rats or mice are weighted down with lead pellets they lose substantial amounts of weight, almost exclusively adipose tissue. Unlike dieting, there is little if any loss of muscle mass, making lead an ideal weight loss strategy for the lazy.

A clinical trial generated the same result. Their paper concludes, ‘Increased weight loading reduces body weight and fat mass in obese subjects in a similar way as previously shown in obese rodents. These findings demonstrate that there is a loading-dependent homeostatic regulation of body weight, the gravitostat, also in humans.’

Polyphenol resveratrol protects against damaging effects of de-loading by acting as an exercise mimetic, and does so by activating AMP-K directly. Other nutrients which do the same thing include polyphenol quercetin, sapogenin dammaranes, and omega 3 fatty acid EPA.”

The doctor still doesn’t mention sulforaphane in this or any other blog post, although it activates the AMPK pathway on the way to its primary effect of Nrf2 activation. First time I’d seen the term covidiots.

“You can fool some people sometimes
But you can’t fool all the people all the time
And now you’ve seen the light
Stand up for your rights”

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