Lowering US pneumonia death counts to increase COVID-19 death counts

To follow up CDC directs the US to attribute deaths from other causes to COVID-19, my sending its information to Tucker Carlson yesterday morning may have contributed to the information being broadcast nationally yesterday evening. The transcript at Tucker Carlson: Possible That Doctors Are Classifying Conventional Pneumonia Deaths As COVID Deaths, Increasing The Count included:

“For many years, the CDC has tracked the total number of Americans who die each week from pneumonia. For the last few weeks, that number has come in far lower than at the same moment in previous years.

How could that be? It seems entirely possible that doctors are classifying conventional pneumonia deaths as COVID-19 deaths. This would mean the epidemic is being credited for thousands of deaths that would have occurred if the virus never arrived here.”

Not sure where to find the information supporting “For the last few weeks, that number has come in far lower than at the same moment in previous years.”

Cui bono questions midway through John Hopkins will be herding the US public toward the cliff April 6-10, 2020:

  1. This change in medical reporting has had / will have what effects on the headlines we’ve seen and will see?
  2. Who has benefited / will benefit from (medical, economic, social, and political) reports on and actions taken with the change in medical reporting to: “COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”
  3. Who has suffered and will suffer from these reports and actions?

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