What are we to believe?

This 2017 blog post from Antiwar.com’s Justin Raimondo outlines the latest instance of exploiting beliefs:

“Neither the sources of this story nor those who are reporting it can be trusted. Journalism is not a means of discovering knowledge, but a weapon to be deployed in a political-ideological conflict.”

Similar to the development of other beliefs, the reporting of the referenced story discouraged inquiries into “Information about the real world..giving us a highly distorted version of events.” It followed the blueprint of Using citations to develop beliefs instead of evidence in that once the faulty information became widely cited, refuting evidence would be ignored, and the false belief was used for other purposes.

http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2017/08/10/what-are-we-to-believe/ “What Are We To Believe? Fake news plus phony “intelligence” equals disaster”

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One thought on “What are we to believe?

  1. Just more fallout from the big event… The hypnosis of a nation……”You will not speculate….You will believe what we say” “There is no truth but our words.

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