Our memories have contexts with specific places and times

This 2014 rodent study was of the place aspect of a memory’s context. The researchers found that the CA3 segment of the hippocampus stored a unique representation of the location where the memory was formed:

“Place cells are hippocampal cells (in CA3) that fire specifically when the animal is at a certain location.

Form unique representations for every single environment.

When the animal was introduced to one of the rooms a second time the spatial map from the first exposure was reactivated.”

Our memories are formed within a specific context tied in the time aspect of a memory’s context:

“Hippocampal neurons not only track time, but do so only when specific contextual information (e.g., object identity/location) is cued.”

Our memories have contexts with specific places and times. Accessing a memory’s specific context would be a necessary part of accessing a full memory.

http://www.pnas.org/content/111/52/18428.full “Place cells in the hippocampus: Eleven maps for eleven rooms”

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